29. 11 st Kameror

Nagel Vollenda (C). Bälgkamera 4x6 cm med Schneider Radionar 4,5/7,5 cm, Zeiss Nettar 516 (B-C). Bälgkamera 4,5x6 cm med Novar-Anastigmat 4,5/7,5 cm, Rodenstock (B). Bälgkamera 4,5x6 cm med Rodenstock-Trinar-Anastigmat 4,5/7,5 cm i Compur 1-1/250 sek, Voigtländer Bessa 66 (C-), 2 st Eumig Dubbel-8 filmkameror, Zeiss Box Tengor (B). 3x4 cm, Vest Pocket Kodak (C), Vest Pocket Kodak Model B (B-A), 2 st Kodak? Boxkameror. 11 box/film/bellow cameras. (2306/12)

Sale No 9621

Auction closed!
5 December 2004

Hammer price14.00 SEK15.00 SEK16.00 SEK 1.300 SEK10.00 SEK11.00 SEK12.00 SEK13.00 SEK14.00 SEK

Estimate 900 SEK

Auktion 21,



Buyer's Premium 21,9% Inc. VAT
Fixed charge 50 SEK Inc. VAT

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Our condition rating is cosmetic. Any technical faults as lens defects and function of shutters etc we find during the inspection. We always try to write as a comment.

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All lots are sold in existing condition.
It is therefore very important that the prospective buyer, before the auction, very carefully examines every lot he is interested in, to access the condition and quality of the lot.

Lots with estimates or starting price below 1000 SEK is not inspected when it comes to function and condition as thoroughly as other lots.

Please contact us during viewing if you have any specific questions.

Any hidden defects must be made subject of a complaint immediately after the purchaser discovered the defect, but no later than 10 working days after the auction.

Every bid is binding. If you win the auction and don´t complete the purchase you will not be able to participate in future auctions.

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